My Story

Welcome and Thank You for visiting my page! Let me introduce myself to you! My name is Allison and I'm currently a stay-at-home-mom to 4 little kids and a wife to an amazing hardworking man. My journey with Scentsy started about 3 years ago thanks to a good friend of mine that had a few scentsy warmers going at her house. The scent was absolutly amazing and I fell in love with scentsy right there but it wasn't until a year later when I finally took a leap and signed up under a good friend of mine who's now my sponsor as well and share it with everyone. My kiddos love their warmers and buddies and I'm happy to say I don't have to worry about them getting burned by a candle.  Signing up was the best decision I have ever made because I get to work from home and spend time with my family along with the extra income, pay for my kids summer activities, pay bills or even grocery shopping also let's not forget all the amazing scentsy sisters and brothers I have made along the way.  If you would like to join my team just click on "JOIN" and enjoy this amazing ride with me! Take a chance and you won't regret it!!! ;) Be your own boss, work your own hours I will be there every step of the way to help you and cheer you on all of your accomplishments and lift you up when you feel like giving up! Win FREE incentive trips to Mexico, Greece, etc. Take a CHANCE and #CHOOSESCENTSY  Allison Riessen 563-554-4097